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Stump Removal

If you chose to remove your stumps after your tree removal, we have you covered! Normally, we include all the prices for stump removal, clean up and topsoil replacement as separate line items right in our tree removal proposal. With all the information in one proposal, our customers can get a clear idea of the scope of the work and costs. Stump grinding is normally completed a separate day following your tree removals because we use a different, specific piece of equipment.

Our trained technician will arrive on site with the proper equipment to remove your stump safety and quickly. Our lawn friendly equipment can make small work of large stumps. When our certified arborist personalizes your job proposal, we will ask for information such as: What are your plans for this area in your yard following the stump removal? We make sure we grind to a depth that meets our customers’ needs. After grinding, we clean up and haul the shavings mess that is left from the stump. The final step of the process is to replace the stump site with a fresh application of topsoil.

Most of our customers want stump grinding to be completed after a tree removal, but don’t think of what’s included in the whole process. No worries, we have that covered! Parshall Tree Care makes the whole process seamless and very easy for you.

  • Because we will always cut a tree’s stump as close to the ground as possible, grinding the stump is optional.
  • Do not assume that a new tree can be planted in the same spot after the stump is gone – there will be some underground roots left that are not removable.
  • Our stump grinding machine can grind up to 18 inches below grade.
  • Upon request, we will haul away the grindings, back fill the hole with top soil and seed the area for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not want to mow around or see your stumps for many years after your tree removal, then we would recommend having our team thoroughly grind and remove them.

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