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Regular Watering

Do you have trees, shrubs, or flowers that are not irrigated but have an automatic irrigation system? No worries, the team at Parshalls has got you covered!

Keep your plants vigorous and healthy all throughout the hottest times of year with regular watering visits. How does this process work?

First one of our trained team members will make a site visit to record what plants are to be watered. Second, we will make a schedule based on certain intervals and also while continually monitoring the weather and rainfall. Lastly, we will make a site visit and keep your thirsty plants watered with the proper amount of water.

What are some typical plants we water?

  • Potted flower and trees.
  • Newly planted trees and shrubs.
  • Drought stressed trees.
  • Elevated plants.
  • Trees of all life stages.

How do we apply the water?

  • We shower the plants with a hose from our spray truck.
  • We deep root inject directly into the root system underground.


"Now that I'm in a place where I don't have trees to be taken care of, I'll still give you guys two thumbs up. I always could count on you to come in, take down the trees, clean it all up and then W H A T ? Where were those trees again? And also your congenial atmosphere was always wonderful!"
Miss you guys, Barb Jacob

"I was very happy with the quick response to our request for a quote and the professionalism that Doug provided.
Mark Jensen, Sr.

Traverse City, Michigan

The stump grinding you did was in extremely hard to reach places and some you had doubts that you could get to but in the end you found a way to do them all! Also, we thought that we would be doing the clean up as it was not on your quote but you did that as well. Our place looks great now!
Dan and Connie Daigger

Traverse City, Michigan

Thank you for proving that there are still honest, courteous, dependable and professional businesses around that care about their reputation!
Jan Kuras

Traverse City, Michigan

I appreciate your company's good work ethic and expert advice about tree removal, pruning and preservation. Thank you for a great job!
Liz Foley

Traverse City, Michigan

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