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Pruning / Trimming Advantages

At Parshall Tree Care, you get a licensed and insured team that is experienced and trained in proper pruning (trimming) practices. One of our certified arborists will visit you on site to determine the scope of the job. They will then email or mail a proposal of costs to complete your work. We can then schedule your pruning to be done in a timely manner.

Pruning Advantages:

  • Aesthetic advancements to your property
  • Removal of dead limbs before decay spreads into the trunk
  • Removal of hazardous limbs and risk mitigation
  • Removal of crossing and rubbing branches that can cause decay
  • Structural pruning of young trees to train them as they age (increased branch strength)
  • Size reduction
  • Storm preventative and restorative pruning
  • Clearance concerns for homes and utilities
  • Increased life span of your trees

Frequently Asked Questions

First, it will look great!

Each tree and shrub has its own style. Each customer has their own vision and goal in mind of what they want their landscape to look like. From powered pruning shears for a dense shrub, to hand pruning to keep a natural shape and increased flowering are both common pruning styles. Trees can have their canopies elevated high or also kept low, depending on customer desires. There is pruning that removes dead and decaying wood, promoting a healthier tree.

In the end our arborists will ask questions to determine your desires and end result and we have the training and skills to accomplish almost any goal in mind.

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