Did you know there is a lot more to planting a tree than what you may think?


Costs more, but you have a tree that will be healthier longterm and you can rest assured your tree was planted correctly by the pros.

  • The hole depth should be twice the diameter of the root ball.

    • This is so the new roots will have an easier time growing outward, as they naturally should.

    • This will prevent girdling roots that circle the tree, enlarge and then damage the tree as it ages.

  • The tree is planted at a depth that does not bury the trunk flare of the tree.

  • Burlap and metal root ball cage should be removed.

  • Loose/clean backfill is used to fill the planting hole back in.

  • Active carbon soil enhancers are mixed with the backfill, back into the planting hole.

    • This custom blend of soil enhancers activates soil biology.

    • Feeds the soil life.

    • Holds water for the soil life and for the trees.

    • Encourages soil life to colonize in the new critical root zone of the tree.

    • This soil life releases natural forms of nitrogen and allows nutrients to be more available to your tree.

  • Proper supports will be purchased and installed at the time of planting, if needed.

  • Turf will be removed away from the newly planted tree and a 3-4” depth mulch ring should be added around the tree.

    • This mulch ring protects your tree from mowers, weeds and string trimmers.

    • Moderates soil temperatures.

    • Promotes healthy soil biology.

    • Increases water retention.

  • Your tree will be watered in thoroughly at the time of planting.

Planting Trees 1


Costs less, but you have a tree that could struggle and have a list of future health issues.

  • Not digging the planting hole at least twice as wide as the tree’s root ball.

    • Planting the tree too deep, which results in future harmful root problems.

    • Planting the tree in the planting hole with the burlap and cage attached around the root ball.

  • Fertilizing the tree to promote growth when energy should be directed
    to root establishment.

    • Over-mulching, creating a mulch volcano and not a proper
      mulch ring.

    • Not supporting the tree in an environment where supports are needed.

Tree Planting 3
Tree Planting 2


We were very sad to see our huge Maple go, but we couldn’t have asked for a better company to do the job. Everyone at Parshall was professional, courteous…and the guy who did the tree work knew exactly what he was doing. AA+++…highly recommend!

Cindy Franseen, Homeowner

The Parshall crew’s display was very professional, safe and acrobatic, as they climbed and fell a mature 80 ft. oak tree, some of which hung over our second-story roof. Also, they didn’t crush any of the rhododendrons beneath the tree, were very friendly, courteous, and did a great job cleaning up.

Steven Stinson, Homeowner

We recommend Parshall Tree Care Experts to all of our landscaping clients and work with them to maintain our own (beloved) huge, old maple trees. Fast, reliable, professional & knowledgeable. Your trees will thank you!

Julie Sitzema, Landscaper


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