Superior health benefits of Deep Root Feeding

• Activates dormant soil life in the tree’s Critical Root Zone.
• Reverses or reduces tree decline due to age or environmental factors.
• 5000% increase in soil life activity.
• 100% increase in available natural derived nitrogen.
• Feeds soil life with fresh water sourced humates (ancient plant material) that is certified organic.
• Greatly decompacts damaged urban soils.
• Reduces drought stress by increasing water holding capacity in the Critical Root Zone.
• Increases micro and macro nutrient availability.
• Increases chlorophyll production in the tree’s canopy.
• Increases new healthy root development.
• Does not add damaging salts like traditional Deep Root Fertilizations.

Why have we advanced from using the traditional
Deep Root Fertilization?

• Decreases soil life activity in the Critical Root Zone.
• Does not increase soil organic matter.
• Contaminates soil with excess damaging salts.
• Adds to the increase of CO2 atmospheric pollution.
• Does not actively fix tree decline issues.
• Synthetic nitrogen will leach into well water and waterways.


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