What are Parshall’s root enhancers?

Our root enhancers are also known as plant growth regulators. (PGR) Plant growth regulators are applied to the critical root zone of your tree and will slow the canopy growth down. In turn, this will redirect the tree’s stored energy toward a new development of production root hairs.

What is happening below and above ground?

• Reduces canopy and wood growth 40%-60% and is active for 3 years with one application.
• Increases fine root density, not the woody roots.
• Extends the time between pruning cycles.
• Improves defense toward disease and drought.
• Increases chlorophyll production with darker healthier leaves.
• Improves the health of declining trees.
• Pre-shock conditioning before construction damage.
• Reduces the growth rate of trees under power lines or near building.

When should applications be made?

Our root enhancers will not move from the application site because they are water-insoluble but they will translocate. Applications can be made at any time during the season when the ground is not frozen or before a large rain event. This allows our Certified Arborists and crews to manage your tree care plans with much more flexibility and control. This results in more trees being kept healthy every year.



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