Oak Leaf Skeletonizer is a moth that has larvae that chew on the leaves of oaks and chestnuts. It prefers Red Oak over all other tree species. When the yellow larvae feed on the leaves it makes them almost translucent this damage causes the leaf to dry out. Most years this is not an issue but if an outbreak occurs for several years it can injure the trees’ canopies and eventually cause dieback in the canopy of the tree. The moth has two life cycles in a typical growing season causing damage in mid-July and in late October.


PTCE’s qualified Plant Health Care Professionals can assist with the management of these pests. We do not treat all the trees instead focus on areas of high occupancy rates to suppress the effects of the insect on the tree. This allows people to have greater satisfaction enjoying their patios, decks, or other areas where people hang out often.


“I appreciate your companies good work ethic and expert advice about tree removal, pruning and preservation.”

Liz Foley, Traverse City, MI


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