Hazard pruning focuses specifically on mitigating risks to a property using targeted pruning to remove and eliminate tree hazards.

There are many different types of targets that could be at risk from tree hazards.

  • People – you or neighbors

  • Buildings

  • Pets

  • Street and Outdoor Lighting

  • Vehicles and Parking Structures

  • Electrical and Gas Utilities

  • Communication Utilities

  • Delicate Landscaping

  • Neighboring Trees

Remember, prune with a purpose!

“Blanket pruning” every tree without a specific goal is not recommended. Hazard pruning is hyper focused on removing very real and specific hazards that are identified in a specific tree.

hazard pruning


We were very sad to see our huge Maple go, but we couldn’t have asked for a better company to do the job. Everyone at Parshall was professional, courteous…and the guy who did the tree work knew exactly what he was doing. AA+++…highly recommend!

Cindy Franseen, Homeowner

The Parshall crew’s display was very professional, safe and acrobatic, as they climbed and fell a mature 80 ft. oak tree, some of which hung over our second-story roof. Also, they didn’t crush any of the rhododendrons beneath the tree, were very friendly, courteous, and did a great job cleaning up.

Steven Stinson, Homeowner

We recommend Parshall Tree Care Experts to all of our landscaping clients and work with them to maintain our own (beloved) huge, old maple trees. Fast, reliable, professional & knowledgeable. Your trees will thank you!

Julie Sitzema, Landscaper


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