Anthracnose is a fungal disease that commonly affects Oak, Ash, Maple, and Sycamore trees. The infection usually begins early in the spring as the new leaves begin to develop. Anthracnose will attack the leaves, buds, twigs, and branches causing them to brown and blacken.


  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Buckeye, Horse Chestnut
  • Catalpa
  • Dogwood
  • Elm, Zelkova
  • Hickory
  • Honey-locust
  • Hophornbeam
  • Hornbeam, Blue Beech
  • Linden, Basswood
  • Maple, Box Elder
  • Oak
  • Sycamore, Plane Tree
  • Tulip-Poplar
  • Walnut, Butternut


  • Distorted areas in the leaves and irregular patches of leaf discoloration.
  • Early leaf drop.
  • Curled and disformed leaves.
  • Small cankers on twigs and small branches.
  • Branch dieback from twigs killed by cankers.
  • Secondary infections throughout the growing season during wet periods

Life Cycle

  • In late fall and early spring, black pimples develop on infected leaves from the previous year.
  • Spores are released and blown by the wind or splashed by rain on nearby trees.
  • The fungus may infect foliage, fruit, and blossoms.
  • Primary infections produce secondary infections on other leaves and fruit.
  • Secondary infections continue throughout the growing season during wet periods.

Treatment and Prevention

  • Increase vigor.
  • Root Enhancers
  • Deep Root Feedings
  • Prune out infected branches. (Sycamore)
  • Water at ground level only, avoid splashing on leaves and branches.
  • Plant less susceptible tree varieties.
  • Fungicide sprays early in the growing season.
  • Trunk injections in the fall.


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