Build and inspire a team of tree experts who are revolutionizing urban forest management.


To be the trusted leader of every community’s urban forest.

Doug and Corey Parshall had a vision to deliver quality tree and landscape management for the people of Michigan and, once they started, they never looked back. They did not want to offer the same “old school” practices that were based on outdated standards of care.

Since 2008, our team at Parshall Tree Care Experts has been delivering quality results to satisfied customers. We are dedicated to exceptional tree care and maintenance with the highest safety standards. All of our practices are rooted in science and advanced training so we can provide our customers with the best care possible to their landscapes.

At Parshall Tree Care, we do not take shortcuts or lower our standard of care to save time, rather we offer our daily services with high caliber results. Our staff strives to be up-to-date and we constantly monitor the latest advancements in the field of arboriculture. We undergo advanced continuing education in current scientific advancements and safety standard enforcement. At Parshall Tree Care, we are passionate about our work, and it is reflected in thousands of properties across northern Michigan.

“Our community loves to know that when they call Parshall Tree Care, they are receiving the highest standard of care and professionalism.” – Corey Parshall


At Parshall’s, we can handle most jobs that come our way. We invest in the right equipment in order to complete any small job to the largest of removals and lot clearings. Each crew is equipped with specific tools and equipment for each client job.

It depends on what the work order calls for. Most times we clean up and haul away all material. This includes chipped material and large trunk wood logs. We have a chipper for all the brush, and low impact equipment to haul away the large logs.

Our team prides itself on a thorough final cleanup at the end of your job. We use rakes, blowers, and tarps to clean your site up. Our crews raise the bar with their clean up so you can immediately enjoy your landscape once we have left.

No, this goes back to the fact that our team is equipped with the proper equipment. At Parshall’s, we do a lot that is different. On residential sites, we rarely use heavy bucket trucks. We typically use low impact self-propelled aerial lifts that can access the tightest of areas with very low impact to none at all on surrounding landscapes and turf.


There are many things that can be done by the homeowner to help ensure healthy trees and landscaping. Visit our learning center for techniques and tips that you can use at home.


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