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Mission Statement

At Parshall Tree Care, we are committed to continually provide the optimum standard of care and the highest quality results to our community based on science and education. As well, we have made a personal commitment to constantly strive to expand our training and education in the field of arboriculture and landscape management.

- Doug, Paula, Corey and Michelle Parshall


Doug and Corey Parshall had a vision to deliver quality tree and landscape management for the people of Michigan and, once they started, they never looked back. They did not want to offer the same “old school” practices that were based on outdated standards of care.

Since 2008, our team at Parshall Tree Care Experts has been delivering quality results to satisfied customers. We are dedicated to exceptional tree care and maintenance with the highest safety standards. All of our practices are rooted in science and advanced training so we can provide our customers with the best care possible to their landscapes.

At Parshall Tree Care, we do not take shortcuts or lower our standard of care to save time, rather we offer our daily services with high caliber results. Our staff strives to be up-to-date and we constantly monitor the latest advancements in the field of arboriculture. We undergo advanced continuing education in current scientific advancements and safety standard enforcement. At Parshall Tree Care, we are passionate about our work, and it is reflected in thousands of properties across northern Michigan.

"Our community loves to know that when they call Parshall Tree Care, they are receiving the highest standard of care and professionalism." - Corey Parshall


Consultation & Diagnosis

Our trained professionals will visit on site to answer any questions you may have about your plants. Are your trees or shrubs looking unhealthy? We will provide a multitude of solutions for your landscape needs.

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Pruning & Trimming

At Parshall Tree Care, you get a licensed and insured team that is experienced and trained in proper pruning (trimming) practices. One of our certified arborists will visit you on site to determine the scope of the job.

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Tree Removal

Parshall Tree Care Experts safely removes any size of trees from your property. After a safe removal, the Parshall team prides itself on our thorough cleanup of all debris from the work site.

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Stump Removal

Our trained technician will arrive on site with the proper equipment to remove your stump safely and quickly. If you choose to remove your stumps after your tree removal, we have you covered!

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Soil & Trunk Injections

At Parshalls we utilize an array of different tools and strategies. Soil and Trunk injections are a great way to get our treatments and products into your trees safely and efficiently.

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Tree & Shrub Spraying

Tree and shrub spraying is another way we promote a healthy landscape. Some diseases, insects, and nutrient deficiencies are best fixed by a foliar spray from one of our experts.

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Growth Control

Our use of growth regulators have many beneficial factors that promote tree health and to control the size of trees in smaller spaces.

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Soil Amendments

The team at Parshalls can amend poor soil quality, restoring it closer to the natural conditions our trees and shrubs thrive in.

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Cabling & Bracing

Call the team at Parshalls and have a Certified Arborist come and look at your weak and damaged trees. We will provide you with an array of different options and prices.

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Regular Watering

Keep your plants vigorous and healthy all throughout the hottest times of year with regular watering visits. Tailored to meet the needs of your plant inventory and watering requirements.

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Let the experts at Parshall Tree Care provide you with the best fertilizer for your trees and shrubs. Fertilization is an art that delivers healthy growth and defense against disease.

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Customer Learning Center

Check back soon for additional resources to help you keep your trees and landscaping the best on the block!

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